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Orbita’s HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants mirror human behavior to effectively serve patients — from appointments to outcomes. This increases efficiency and reduces cost, allowing you to enable real change across your organization. Partner with us to tap the power of conversational AI that’s intuitive to use, manage and scale, empowering you to offer care that goes beyond expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HCP assistant?

Empower healthcare providers (HCPs) with medical/clinical information and reduce costs by augmenting sales process with conversational AI. Orbita’s arsenal of secure, HIPAA-compliant conversational AI solutions augments existing sales, remote learning, and clinical decision support tools for healthcare providers (HCPs)

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What is the goal of pharmaceutical patient support?

The goal of Orbita's Patient Brand Support VHA is to help pharmaceutical companies provide access to credible, on-label product information to empower and prepare consumers and patients, provide support tools during the patient treatment journey to increase adherence and decrease drop off rate, and escalate complex/urgent questions, and adverse event reporting with built-in features to connect to call centers and/or nurse on call agents, as well as an NLU engine to escalate adverse events and product complaints.

What is a digital front door in healthcare?

With a digital front door strategy in place, healthcare organizations can empower their patients to easily find them online and quickly navigate healthcare information and services to find the right doctor or location and get scheduled to be seen

What’s exciting is that by using conversational AI, virtual assistants have the capacity to provide a curated and personalized experience. The technology can incorporate existing information (EMR, provider database, hospital website, etc.) into the conversational experience while also sourcing new information in contextually appropriate ways 

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Who is Bill Rogers?

Bill Rogers is the Co-Founder, President & Chairman of Orbita.

He has over twenty five years of software industry experience. Most recently, Bill was CEO and founder of Ektron, a digital experience management platform acquired by Accel-KKR in two thousand and fourteen. Prior to Ektron, Bill cofounded two other companies including a video conferencing and an eHealthcare business.

Who has the best Hospital digital front door strategy

OrbitaENGAGE is a solution that helps consumers find and navigate healthcare services through the power of conversational AI.

It automates patient outreach to deliver conversations to consumers on any channel that works best for them. 

It supports a digital front door strategy for engaging patients at every major touchpoint of the patient journey 

Digital Front Door capabilities include

  • Symptom Checking
  • Online self-scheduling
  • Automated reminders for follow-up 
  • Mobile pre-registration/check-in
  • Web/mobile payments
  • Questions and Answers
  • Find a doctor
  • Find a location
  • Surveys for online reviews
  • Proactive outreach (lab results)
  • Call deflection with improved patient experience
  • Price transparency

Question and Answering, OrbitaENGAGE includes a predefined set of questions and answers that supports a Voice SEO (voice search engine optimization), strategy.

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Is Orbita compatible with Amazon Alexa?

Orbita is an omnichannel platform for creating virtual assistants that work with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Web chatbots, analog phones, IVR, bi-directional SMS, mobile IOS and Android smartphones, Slack, Facebook, and other social channels.


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Does Orbita have a SOC2?

Orbita is SOC2 compliant. For more information, please contact your sales contact at Orbita

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