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Orbita’s HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants mirror human behavior to effectively serve patients — from appointments to outcomes. This increases efficiency and reduces cost, allowing you to enable real change across your organization. Partner with us to tap the power of conversational AI that’s intuitive to use, manage and scale, empowering you to offer care that goes beyond expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Orbita do?

Orbita is a software company, based in Boston, MA, focused on conversational AI for healthcare and life science.  Our virtual assistants provide digital experiences with a human touch

Orbita's virtual assistants can be deployed across any channel including

  • Phone and IVR
  • SMS
  • Smart Speakers, (Alexa & Google)
  • Web & Mobile based Chatbots. 

Orbita also offers out-of-the-box solutions that focus on improving the patient experience and streamlining operations, from patient acquisition through to patient care.

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Who are Orbita's customers?

Orbita's conversational platform and solutions have been designed for healthcare organizations. 

Example Customers Include:

  • Health Systems: Mayo Clinic, Brigham Health, Yale New Haven Health
  • Life Sciences: Amgen, Novartis
  • Health Plans: Cigna, Humana
  • Healthcare Vendors: Medtronic, American Well, and Philips Healthcare.  
What are the office hours of Orbita?

The office hours for Orbita in the Boston Office is from 8 am to 6 pm, but we are always online!

What are Orbita's core principles of a Virtual Assistant?

Allowing patients to further connect with their health and treatment by removing barriers to access fulfillment, providing a safe and secure experience, and meeting patients on the devices and channels they prefer.

How old is Orbita?

Orbita was founded in February of 2015. So, Orbita is 6 years old. 

How do I get started with Orbita?

Orbita offers a trial for a conversational platform with Voice Search. We'd love to help with your project. Fill out our get started form and we'll be in touch.

To get started, please contact us so we can discuss your software needs.

Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch:


Phone Number: 1-617-804-5550.

1 Lincoln St., Boston, Massachusetts 02111

What careers are available at Orbita?

At Orbita we are hiring. Orbita is transforming digital healthcare through the application of next-generation voice and conversational AI technologies. Click here to see what jobs are available.

Who is Bill Rogers?

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers is Orbita's CEO and Co-Founder. 

Bill has over 25 years of software industry experience. Prior to Orbita, Bill was the Founder & CEO of Ektron – a digital experience management platform that was acquired by Accel-KKR in 2014. Bill has additionally co-founded two other companies including video conferencing and a digital health business.

Bill co-founded Orbita in February 2015. Orbita provides market-proven voice and chat solutions for healthcare and life sciences sectors, and the most powerful conversational AI platform for cost-effectively creating and managing secure virtual health assistants for the enterprise. Organizations tap the power of Orbita’s voice search-enabled technologies for consumer marketing, customer service, patient engagement, outcomes improvement and cost reduction initiatives. Customers include Amgen, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, ERT, Libertana Home Health, Mayo Clinic, Merck and University of Chicago Medicine. Partners included Amazon, Cognizant, Deloitte and ServiceNow.

What is Orbita Flow?

Orbita Flow is an intuitive, graphical studio with a drag-and-drop interface for creating rich, conversational applications.

You can create rich, conversational dialogues using Orbita Flow’s no-code interface with drag-and-drop and visual editing. You can also accelerate the creation of omnichannel voice and chat bot-powered applications. Learn More

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