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Call center augmentation in pharma?


Orbita's HCP Patient Brand Support Virtual Health Assistant (VHA) promotes patient adherence during remote patient monitoring by providing digital support tools to be used during the patient treatment journey, leading to patient empowerment, improved adherence, decrease in treatment drop off rates, and increased revenue. Additionally, our solution includes call center augmentation, providing escalation to call center agents for complex/urgent questions and adverse event reporting. Triaging to the correct agent allows for increased education, and hopefully adherence, in patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of pharmaceutical patient support?
The goal of Orbita's Patient Brand Support VHA is to help pharmaceutical companies provide access to credible, on-label product information to empower and prepare consumers and patients, provide support tools during the patient treatment journey to increase adherence and decrease drop off rate, and escalate complex/urgent questions, and adverse event reporting with built-in features to connect to call centers and/or nurse on call agents, as well as an NLU engine to escalate adverse events and product complaints.