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Does voice help in disease management?


Studies have shown benefits of voice in disease management.

Worrell, an Orbita partner, conducted a trial to examine the feasibility of using voice assistants to help gather patient insights and help manage chronic diseases.

Sixteen participants with type 1 or type 2 diabetes were recruited and each person in the study was given an Echo Dot with skills necessary to participate loaded onto it. The study’s findings show that voice assistants aid in adherence and reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the top conversational AI platform?
Orbita is the enterprise leader in providing a conversational AI platform for the development and management of virtual assistants that can be deployed across any conversation based channel including: Phone, SMS, Smart Speakers, and Web & Mobile based chatbots. The Orbita conversational AI platform: Accelerates development and streamlines maintenance of virtual assistants with pre-built templates and intuitive tools designed for non-technical business users.   Easily integrates with existing applications, business systems, processes, and digital channels using flexible APIs and 3rd party integration. Reduces risks with robust, secure and enterprise-ready cloud deployments. Learn more
Is conversational AI the key to better care?
Conversational AI is transforming healthcare. Voicebots and chatbots can be delivered over a smartphone or smart speaker and also even a landline or analog phone. You can ask a voicebot to help you find a nearby urgent care and schedule an appointment while you're making dinner or holding a child. You can ask a chatbot what weight-based dose of ibuprofen you should give or to have your care team call you to see if that fever is something to worry about. Conversational AI along with new connectivity and extensibility bring new capabilities previously out of reach. Notifications and reminders delivered via SMS text message, email, or smart speaker allow the initiation of conversational dialogues to happen without friction: there’s no need to install or download anything Orbita helps healthcare organizations tap the power of voice assistants, chatbots, and other conversational AI technologies to engage patients, improve care, and reduce costs.  Check us out at
What is Conversational AI?
Conversational AI refers to the use of messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots to automate communication and create personalized customer experiences at scale. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is used in smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to assist people in communicating with them.
Are virtual assistants helping the healthcare consumer journey?
Consumer expectations around healthcare have risen as baby boomers need more medical attention and tech savvy millennials want personalized care experiences that fit their lifestyle. This means healthcare resources and services need to be available on all kinds of devices and platforms. These tools must be able to help patients and customers schedule appointments online, find a doctor, and find a location. In other words, consumers want healthcare organizations to go beyond brick and mortar walls and conversational AI is increasingly meeting those expectations. Learn more here.
What happens when a leading healthcare provider leverages the power of conversational AI?
The use of virtual assistant technology is the new frontier for engagement, and savvy healthcare organizations are thinking strategically about how to implement conversational AI into their consumer and patient engagement activities. Early adopters of conversational AI in healthcare are now moving into the realm of clinical engagement with a focus on patients and their wellbeing. Healthcare organizations can use conversational AI for: Health coaching Post-discharge education Medical Q&A Assisted living concierge Clinical trials Consumer marketing Learn more here.
What is natural language normalization?
Conversational Normalization is when the chatbot goes through processes to find common spelling or errors that could change the meaning.
What Is the purpose of a Conversational AI Platform?
A conversation AI platform enables the creation and management of virtual assistants by providing the development tools and AI services required to create voice and chat based experiences that can be deployed across multiple conversational channels including the Phone, SMS, Web Chat, Mobile App Voice & Chat, and Smart Speakers.  Services Included: Machine Learning and personalization services Omni-channel deployment to voice and chat channels Analytics and reporting Content Repository User management Knowledge Graphs Search Services Integration layer and API's Dialog management Low code developer tools Business users authoring tools