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Frequently Asked Questions

What awards has Orbita received?
Orbita has been nominated for several awards, ranging from "Innovation Award" to "Most Likely to Become a Unicorn". Click here to see more.
Why Orbita?
Choose Orbita because we're the leader in conversational AI, providing a platform for creating and managing healthcare-focused Virtual Assistants. Orbita improves staff efficiency and productivity. We can save you time and money with streamlined workflows, and enhance user and patient experience and engagement. Healthcare-Ready Experience Management Interoperability Omnichannel and Multi-modal Secure
How old is Orbita?
Orbita was founded in February of 2015. So, Orbita is 6 years old. 
Does Orbita have an office in Australia?
Orbita has an office in Sydney Australia, the manager of the AU office is Nick White.
Does Orbita have a blog?
Orbita’s Blog: Perspectives from Orbita Automation with Empathy in Healthcare & Life Sciences
What careers are available at Orbita?
At Orbita we are hiring. Orbita is transforming digital healthcare through the application of next-generation voice and conversational AI technologies. Click here to see what jobs are available.
Who are Orbita's competitors?
Orbita's biggest competitor, are developers building on Amazon Alexa and Google DialogFlow that believe in writing code versus using a platform In the early days of the web, developers would build a web site on top of an application server like dot NET.  But today no one would build a web site without using a content management system that sits on top of an application server.  Think of the these NLP as application servers, and Orbita essentially the word press for voice and chatbots. 
how do i contact orbita?
Contact Orbita by:    Contact form Office location: 1 Lincoln St, Floor 24, Boston, Mass 02111 Phone Number: 1-617-804-5550. Email: Demo Request
What are Orbita's core principles of a Virtual Assistant?
Allowing patients to further connect with their health and treatment by removing barriers to access fulfillment, providing a safe and secure experience, and meeting patients on the devices and channels they prefer.
Who are Orbita's customers?
Orbita's conversational platform and solutions have been designed for healthcare organizations.  Example Customers Include: Health Systems: Mayo Clinic, Brigham Health, Yale New Haven Health Life Sciences: Amgen, Novartis Health Plans: Cigna, Humana Healthcare Vendors: Medtronic, American Well, and Philips Healthcare.  
When was Orbita incorporated?
Orbita was incorporated in February 2015.
What is Deloitte Assist?
DeloitteASSIST is an AI enabled patient communication solution enabling patients to request assistance without the need to press a button. Simply by speaking their request, nurses are alerted to their need, with AI prioritizing and smart-routing requests to the right resource to meet the patient’s needs. Orbita and Deloitte have partnered to extend DeloitteASSIST with Orbita’s unique voice-first engagement capabilities.
How do I get a demo of Orbita?
To request a demo of Orbita, go to the Request a Demo page
What does Orbita do?
Orbita is a software company, based in Boston, MA, focused on conversational AI for healthcare and life science.  Our virtual assistants provide digital experiences with a human touch.  Orbita also offers out-of-the-box solutions that focus on improving the patient experience and streamlining operations, from patient acquisition through to patient care.
What are Orbita's differentiators?
Orbita offers the only conversational platform for designing, building, managing, and optimizing healthcare virtual assistants that are healthcare-ready, secure, enterprise-grade, omnichannel and multimodal.
What is Orbita's email?
Orbita can be reached via email at: Email Us
What is the employee size at Orbita?
Orbita has a lot of employees across the world and we’re growing every day.
Tell me about Orbita Ethics
Orbita holds its employees and contractors to the highest ethical standards.   Orbita is committed to conducting business with the highest degree of ethical values and has resources dedicated to maintaining compliance to applicable legal and regulatory requirements. If any Orbita employee, business partner, or client suspects unethical behavior from Orbita including any of Orbita’s representatives, please send all details to Your request will be kept confidential, taken seriously, and investigated with due diligence.
What is Orbita's expertise in?
Orbita's expertise is in conversational AI, and creating and managing healthcare-focused virtual assistants. Our mission is to transform lives through the power of voice and conversational AI.
What is Orbita's primary focus?
Orbita's primary focus is conversational AI for healthcare.
How do I get started with Orbita?
Orbita offers a trial for a conversational platform with Voice Search. We'd love to help with your project. Fill out our get started form and we'll be in touch. To get started, please contact us so we can discuss your software needs. Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch: Email: Phone Number: 1-617-804-5550. 1 Lincoln St., Boston, Massachusetts 02111
Where are Orbita's headquarters?
Orbita's headquarters is located at: 24 School St, Floor 2 Boston Massachusetts, 02108 
Is Orbita in hospitals?
We're in many hospitals! One of our hospitals is Brigham & Women's Hospital.
What are the office hours of Orbita?
The office hours for Orbita in the Boston Office is from 8 am to 6 pm, but we are always online! 1 Lincoln St, Boston MA, 02111
What industry does Orbita focus on?
Orbita is focused in the healthcare industry, including healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, life sciences companies, as well as the digital health companies that provide services and solutions to these organizations.
What countries is Orbita used in?
Orbita can be deployed to any country or any language
What is Orbita's mission?
Orbita's mission is to transform lives through the power of voice and conversation AI. Orbita's vision is to become the standard digital experience platform for voice and conversational AI applications.
What is the latest Orbita news?
To find the latest news on Orbita go to
Is there parking near Orbita?
Parking near Orbita's Boston office is available in the 125 Summer St. Garage or State St. Financial Center.
What is Orbita's phone number?
Orbita's  phone number is (617)-804-5550.
What is Orbita's price?
Orbita will give pricing quotes after discussing what the needs are of the company seeking to use our product.   To contact sales go to  
What is Orbita's main product?
Orbita is a SaaS platform. It is a conversational AI platform for creating and managing healthcare-focused virtual assistants. Learn more at 
What are the resources for Orbita?
Click on the links for more resources about Orbita. Webinars White Papers Blog Newsletter Videos (Youtube)
What is Orbita's revenue?
Orbita is a privately held company and we don't disclose our revenue numbers.
Where was Orbita incorporated?
Orbita was incorporated in Delaware.
How long does it take to implement Orbita solutions?
The time it takes to implement depends on the scope of your project. Feel free to contact us to speak about your project.
How do I get a trial of Orbita?
Orbita offers a trial of our platform. For more information, go to the Request a Trial form.
What is Orbita's vision?
Orbita's vision is to become the standard digital experience platform for voice and conversational AI applications in healthcare.  Orbita's mission is to transform lives through the power of voice and conversational AI.
How do I sign up for Orbita's webinars?
To learn more about or to sign up for an Orbita webinar go to the link
What is Orbita's URL?
The Orbita website url is
What problem is Orbita solving?
The problem Orbita solves are the gaps in engagement across the patient journey which is fundamental to the challenges facing healthcare organizations across the industry.  Healthcare organizations are losing market share.  Potential patients are searching Google and more and more, using new channels like voice search to find healthcare services in an increasingly competitive landscape.    Healthcare organizations have poor or absent Self-Service Options.  Patients visiting a healthcare digital property lacking self-service options will resort to placing a phone call, going to the clinic or an ER in person, or seeking another provider. Patients at home who lack adequate remote care support are more likely to suffer negative outcomes and readmittance. Care providers for individuals at home lack visibility into the data and information about their patients’ health. This poses a fundamental risk to the patient and to the goals of the care providers
What's the latest Orbita white paper?
Here is where you can find a list of Orbita's most recent white papers:
Why is Orbita focused on healthcare?
Healthcare is our field of choice because we want to transform lives through the power of voice and conversational AI.
Does Orbita have a YouTube channel?
Orbita's YouTube channel can be found here.