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What is voice first?


Voice First: A primary interface between the user and an automated system that is voice-based.  “Voice First” does not necessarily mean “Voice Only”.  A Voice First interface can have an additional, adjunct interface (usually a visual one) that can supplement the experience. 

Orbita creates an Omnichannel authoring tool to support the creation of voice-first experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best Hospital digital front door strategy
OrbitaENGAGE is a solution that helps consumers find and navigate healthcare services through the power of conversational AI. It automates patient outreach to deliver conversations to consumers on any channel that works best for them.  It supports a digital front door strategy for engaging patients at every major touchpoint of the patient journey  Digital Front Door capabilities include Symptom Checking Online self-scheduling Automated reminders for follow-up  Mobile pre-registration/check-in Web/mobile payments Questions and Answers Find a doctor Find a location Surveys for online reviews Proactive outreach (lab results) Call deflection with improved patient experience Price transparency Question and Answering, OrbitaENGAGE includes a predefined set of questions and answers that supports a Voice SEO (voice search engine optimization), strategy. Learn more about Orbita's Digital Front Door Solution.
Who is OrbitaENGAGE's target audience?
The target audience of OrbitaENGAGE is providers, payers, and pharma.